My Service

During the summer months, primarily June and July, I will visit your property to uproot the wild parsnips.

ONLY 2nd year plants will be removed – those that have a stalk. For this reason it is highly recommended that you expect to contract in the next year to remove the plants which will (then) be in their flowering year.

This work is typically done when the sun is not shining, or low in the sky. Ideally during overcast times, so as to limit the sap damage that me or my crew might suffer.

The uprooted plants will remain on your property. We will move them to an agreed location.

If there are plants on the road allowance they will be uprooted as well.

We have a tool to uproot plants that are too well-rooted for hand-removal, or break off at ground level.

There will be at least two visits to ensure that 100% of the plants are removed before they go to seed. The number of visits will be agreed in advance.

Wild Parsnip