Terms and Pricing

HST included in all prices. You will be given a receipt from my Federal Corp.

There are three components to pricing:

First and foremost is the uprooting of the plants. I will judge how many plants need to be handled and give you a fixed price for that.

A small infestation of, say, under 50 plants will be priced at $25 per season.

A larger one of 50-250 is $50.

250-500 is $75

500-1000 is $100

1000-2000 is $150

Second is travel. I charge 25c a km. (round trip) from my location on Little Long Lake Road near Bedford Rd, Sydenham K0H 2T0.
Expect to be quoted for minimum of two trips and more for 1000+ plants.
If I am in the area for service at your neighbour(s) you will not pay the full distance rate.

Third is for special circumstances. E.g. I don’t tolerate loose dogs. If I visit and there is/are uncontrolled dog(s) then I must cancel and re-schedule at your expense.
If you wish me to remove the plants from your property this will be separately charged. Similarly for bagging the stalks.

All visits will be scheduled. It is best if a person is there when I arrive and when I leave.

I expect to be paid in advance for my services. No cash. Satisfaction guaranteed.