Every clearance project is a multi-year commitment. Being a biennial, wild parsnip’s first season is used to build the tap root. In the second year it grows a stalk and blooms. If not pulled before, it generates dozens or hundreds of seeds. So the first two years of “clearance” are equal in numbers of plants. Numbers in subsequent years are dependent on the quality of the clearance in years one and two.

Progress and Plans
Bedford Road cleared from Desert Lake Road south to Botting Rd. Just finished year two of the section on the south side of Bedford between Clearwater’s two intersections with Bedford Rd. That 400meters had over 6000 plants.
Included is the Cataraqui Trail, which has been cleared from Sills Bay Rd. to Sydenham Foodland, another 1000 plants.
Rosedale Road, and Freeman Road from Rosedale to Sills Bay Rd. are cleared.
85% of Charlie Green Road has been cleared. I’ll expand that to 100% in 2024.

Did a first clear in Sydenham around a memorial bench on Bedford Road of 400 plants. This was year one, so another major clear needed in 2024.
Also in 2024 I’m going to extend the Bedford Rd. clearance from Clearwater west to Deer Run Way – south side only.